Julianna Rohn

Education: Dual B.A’s in Geography and Sociology, Certificate in Public Health, University of Colorado

Supported by: JPB Fellow Colleen Reid
Julianna Rohn was funded for Spring 2020 – present as an undergraduate research assistant. She works with JPB Fellow Collen Reid in the project “Understanding the roles of objective versus perception of green space exposure on stress and mental health”. Julianna has been trained in administering the survey and facilitating blood draws. She will graduate with a BA in Geography and Sociology in Spring 2021.

Julianna Rohn is a student at the University of Colorado in the Geography and Sociology departments with an anticipated graduation of May 2021. Her interests include environmental justice and the social determinants of health, specifically around improving communication strategies that combat health inequities. She plans to pursue graduate studies in public health communications in a few years. Through the support of JPB funds, Julianna worked as a research assistant in Dr. Reid’s project evaluating green space exposure and mental health outcomes from 2020-2021.