Minkyu Par

Education: PhD candidate in Urban Studies and Planning at the University of Maryland College Park; Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning, University of California, Irvine; and Master’s and B.S. in Urban Planning and Design, the University of Seoul.

Current Position: Graduate Research Assistant

Supported by: JPB Fellow Marccus Hendricks

Minkyu Par worked at the University of Seoul as an assistant researcher for the project of “Urban Planning Model of Green Compact City” and “Case of Seoul Land Readjustment”. Since August 2019, he has been studying and researching under Professor Marccus Hendricks.

Minkyu’s research interests focus on resilient urban infrastructure. Specifically, his work explores how risks or vulnerabilities to floods can be quantified or visualized, how the failure of stormwater infrastructure disrupts other infrastructures in urban areas, and how recovery following a flood might minimize future social and economic losses through the planning process.