Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice Report Card for Colorado Cities
Katherine Dickinson Colorado School of Public Health Aurora, CO
Environmental justice (EJ) requires that all people live, work, and play in a healthy environment and have a voice in shaping what that environment looks like and includes (or excludes). Too often, environmental policies and actions reflect the interests of people with power, creating an inequitable distribution of environmental benefits and burdens. This proposal builds a research agenda aimed at motivating and empowering cities to improve EJ outcomes through a detailed and actionable diagnosis of current EJ patterns and drivers. Specifically, we will develop a comprehensive EJ Report Card reflecting EJ Plans, Actions, and Outcomes in Colorado’s largest cities. In this phase, the first aim is to generate an EJ Planning Score focused on cities’ planning documents, while the second aim is to analyze secondary data on EJ Outcomes and assess patterns of (mis)alignment between plans and outcomes. Results will shed light on potential avenues towards better integration of environmental and social justice actions at multiple scales, to be further tested in subsequent work.