Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the focus on research need to be related to U.S. communities? 

Yes, this is a U.S. program and the focus is on U.S. communities

2. Are vulnerable populations only considered geographically, or also demographically?

Both, geographically and demographically

3. I am in the second year of tenure-track process. I have received teaching load reduction and start-up funding. Can this start-up package be used as the support from my institute for the fellowship program?

Yes, this start- up package could be considered as Institutional Support. However, the length of the JBP Fellowship Program (2.5 years) must be considered when determining this.  If the start- up agreement ends before the Program does, release from teaching, use of space etc. will still be required for participation in the Program.

4. I have a terrific colleague who is doing a postdoc, her title is ‘Research Fellow’ but potentially she could be promoted to Research Scientist and she has long-term faculty aspirations.  Would she be eligible to be nominated?

No, this program is for junior faculty in the first years of their career. If they are in the process of accepting a faculty position they must have confirmation of the offer and start by 9/1/2017.

5. Would you pick two fellows from the same school? 

It is unlikely but not impossible.

6. Do you have to have a doctoral degree to apply to this program?

Yes, candidates must hold a doctoral degree and completed post- doctoral training.