Compassionate Leaders of Change

The JPB Environmental Health Fellowship Program was designed to promote a new generation of compassionate multidisciplinary academic and agency leaders who are dedicated to finding solutions to complex environmental health problems.                        More about the Program.

Our Mission

To support and develop promising junior faculty form Institutions across the U.S. whose research is focused on/in vulnerable communities and are interested in how both environmental and social factors may combine to influence health. The Program fosters cross-disciplinary collaborations and encourages Fellows to work together on challenging environmental health issues best approached from multiple perspectives.

The Fellows

The diverse group of Fellows are academic and agency leaders who come from disciplines related to Environmental Health. Throughout the program, the Fellows will enhance their skill set and will be better prepared to engage in community-based research addressing persistent and emerging environmental health challenges in the U.S. 

Meet the Fellows

Application to the JPB EH Fellows Program is a multi-stage process. Invited applicants for the 2nd cohort of JPB EH Fellows are coming to Harvard for interviews the week of September 3rd. The next group of JPB EH Fellows will be announced in October 2018.