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JPB Environmental Health Fellowship Program


Please use THIS LINK for submitting your nomination

REMEMBER: Potential JPB Environmental Health Fellows have to be NOMINATED before they can apply.

A NOMINATION letter from a Dean or Department Chair must be submitted through the nomination link above. The Nomination letter must include:

1. Examples of recent research and areas of interest that demonstrate why the candidate is a promising fit for this fellowship

2. A description of the candidate’s character and potential for scholarship

3. An evaluation of the candidate’s interest in and potential for working collaboratively and conducting interdisciplinary research

4. Commitment from the home institution that release time from teaching and other activities will be approved if the candidate is selected as a JPB EH Fellow.

5. A description of additional in kind support that could be available to the candidate. Examples of such support could be scholarships for doctoral students and/or post docs, equipment, software or sample analysis