Air Pollution

EH Fellows supported research: Air Pollution and Vulnerable Populations

Assistant Professor Christina Fuller will start the study “Environmental Health Interactions: Examining The Effect of Air Pollution, Stress and Socioeconomics on Cardiovascular Health”. Professor Fuller will examine the relationship between air quality and stress among a Boston Puerto Rican population, whom are at increased risk for cardiovascular disease. Professor Fuller work will help understand the disparities affecting cardiovascular health.

Associate Professor Hector A. Olvera at University of Texas at El Paso launched the “Life Stress, Particulate Matter, and Inflammatory Reactivity Study” to determine how childhood adversity induces an amplified inflammatory response to air pollution exposures. In parallel, Dr. Olvera is also working at increasing youths’ awareness of the vulnerabilities of low socio economic status communities. Particularly, he aims to empower youth by engaging them in the translation and dissemination of science.

Professor Annie Belcourt will also start the study “Community-Defined Monitoring, Impact Assessment, And Engagement Associated with Refinery Source Exposure: Swinomish Partnership To Promote Environmental Public Health Science.” This project will create local capacity in the Swinomish Nation to monitor, detect, and map exposures and health effects from toxic air pollutants. The Swinomish Nation homelands houses two refineries that release large quantities of toxic air pollutants. This project will also promote public health dissemination methods for rapid response to future accidental releases.

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