Global call to action on sleep health published in The Lancet Public Health

A global call to action was published in The Lancet Public Health Sept. 28 to recognize sleep health as a foundation of human health. Decades of research across disciplines make this fact abundantly clear, and now is the time to begin leveraging sleep health to improve human health and wellbeing worldwide.

Authored by an international group of experts — including NIEHS scientist Chandra Jackson, Ph.D. — on behalf of World Sleep Society (WSS), this viewpoint, titled “The Urgent Need for All Countries to Promote Sleep Health,” specifies three actions for governments at all levels, researchers, and other stakeholders:

  • Educate: promote sleep and circadian health education and awareness
  • Research: collect and centralize standard sleep and circadian data in every country
  • Implement public health policies: include sleep health initiatives to advance public health agendas

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