Challenges & Opportunities at the Intersection of Climate, Health & Justice

The effects of climate change are here, and becoming increasingly apparent each year. Unquestionably, environmental injustices have already plagued low income communities and communities of color, and  climate change exacerbates these threats. Addressing the many and severe impacts of climate change  — from energy insecurity to agriculture vulnerabilities — and mitigating their harmful health effects requires multi-sector and interdisciplinary collaboration.

This webinar brought together Alexa WhiteDr. Ans Irfan, and Dr. Daniel Carrión, all senior fellows of the Agents of Change in Environmental Justice (AOC-EJ) program. It was moderated by Dr. Max Aung and Dr. Lariah Edwards, senior fellows and Assistant Directors of AOC-EJ. Each of the webinar guests and moderators represents a unique perspective on multi-faceted and intersecting issues related to climate change, health, and justice.  Learn more.