NIEHS Partnerships for Environmental Public Health reinvigorates network

Community engagement experts gathered at annual meeting to share strategies and opportunities for engaging diverse teams in public health.

The Partnerships for Environmental Public Health (PEPH) network meeting Feb. 20-22 brought together NIEHS-funded grantees, community leaders, and NIEHS staff for the first in-person meeting since 2020. PEPH 2024 broke down programmatic silos to create a space for its nearly 200 attendees to easily converse, learn from, and engage with those outside of their program or research area. Organized around the theme of engaging diverse partners to address climate change and environmental justice, the three-day event included workshops, posters, and panel presentations.

“It is so wonderful to see so many of you after all these years,” said PEPH lead Liam O’Fallon as he welcomed attendees. “Since the Partnerships for Environmental Public Health is about connecting across the various programs, the purpose of this meeting is to facilitate exchange and recognition of shared experiences and knowledge that we all bring to the table when addressing environmental public health.” Lear more.