Senior Fellow selected to be a visiting scholar at the Russell Safe Foundation

The Russell Sage Foundation is pleased to announce the selection of 17 Visiting Scholars for the 2020-2021 academic year. While in residence at RSF in New York City, they will pursue research and writing projects that reflect the foundation’s commitment to strengthening the social sciences and conducting research to “improve social and living conditions in the United States.”

Diana Hernandez, Senior JPB Fellow, was selected to join. Hernández will write a book exploring families’ struggles to afford household energy. She will focus on energy insecurity – the inability to adequately meet household energy needs – a problem facing one in three U.S. households. She will analyze 100 in-depth interviews conducted across ten sites in the first study to examine the challenges that households face in accessing and affording electricity, natural gas, and fuel oils. Hernández will study how this issue varies across regions, including both urban and rural settings and cold and warm weather climates. Read more.