New Book: Ambient Combustion Ultrafine Particles and Health

This edited and peer reviewed volume contains a collection of articles from many disciplines that address the emerging issue of ambient ultrafine particles derived from combustion sources and their health effects. The authors are published experts with respect to ultrafine particles. They write about diverse aspects of the problem including epidemiology, environmental engineering, toxicology, policy, architecture and medicine. Each chapter provides a thoroughly referenced review of the respective subject matter. Written for researchers and scientists, this work is an excellent introduction for those early in their research into ultrafine particles as well as those that are well-versed and seeking to expand into new approaches to ultrafine particles. Chapters may be read singly or in combination with other chapters, depending on the reader’s interest. As a whole, the book is a broad reference source about combustion ultrafine particles and health. Lear more about JPB Fellow Christina H. Fuller