Supporting Aging in Place Through IWISH: First Interim Report from the Supportive Services Demonstration

HUD’s Supportive Services Demonstration is a large, cluster randomized-controlled trial that leverages HUD-assisted properties as a platform for the coordination and delivery of services to better address the interdependent health and supportive service needs of its older residents. The demonstration tests the Integrated Wellness in Supportive Housing (IWISH) model, which funds a full-time Resident Wellness Director and part-time Wellness Nurse to work in HUD-assisted housing developments that either predominantly or exclusively serve households headed by people aged 62 or over. The Resident Wellness Director and Wellness Nurse proactively engage with residents and implement a formal strategy for coordinating services to help meet residents’ needs: the team performs person-centered interviews and health and wellness assessments; develops Individual and Community Healthy Aging Plans; assists residents with implementing these plans and accessing needed services and resources; formally and informally engages with community partners; and has access to supplemental supportive services funds to support the health and wellness needs of residents.

This First Interim Report serves two main purposes: 1) to describe the baseline characteristics of the residents of the demonstration properties, and 2) to describe the first 18 months of the implementation of IWISH. A Second Interim Report and Comprehensive Report will follow.  Read more.